SMGBM1-8706LN – Placas 96 PCR/Real Time

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x 100 placas


Placas 96 PCR/Real-Time plates for PCR and/or qPCR applications available in 100 plates per pack. Each well can store up to 0.1ml of volume and has rounded V-shaped tips. The plates have trims corners and are compatible with any thermocyclers.

CAT No.: SMGBM1-8706LN

Volume of wells: 0.1ml

Number of wells: 96

Quantity: 100 plates

Application of Solmeglas Plates 96 PCR/Real-Time:

  • PCR
  • Real-time PCR (qT-PCR)

Colour: clear

Features of Plates 96 PCR/Real-Time from Solmeglas:

  • Optically clear skirts for optimal visualisation
  • Thin-walled rounded V-shaped wells to provide optimal heat transfer
  • Sealable with its raised rim design
  • Compatible with any standard pipettes and thermocyclers
  • Have cropped corners
  • Labelled with alphanumeric characters


  • Keep away from UV and sunlight
  • Store dry at room temperature