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The ‘Superpowers’ of Gloves Ecoshield Econitrile PF250

Gloves are essential in performing any scientific experiments or tasks because wearing gloves is one of the forms of preventing contamination or injuries during experiments. In fact, there are many types of gloves made of different kinds of materials that are available in the market now. In this article, we will talk about why Solmeglas’ green gloves serve the best purpose of gloves in the science industry.

Nitrile versus Latex/Vinyl

The gloves are made of nitrile rubber which is more resistant to acids, oils and chemicals than regular rubber. Compared to latex or vinyl gloves, the green nitrile gloves do not get punctured very easily (Adenna, 2018). Hence, it is not easy for chemicals to get in contact with the skin in case of any accidents like punctured by sharp objects (The Glove Club, 2013).


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Goodbye to allergies

A lot of medical professionals and scientists rely on nitrile gloves because there are concerns about latex allergies (Ammex, 2017). Latex allergies happen to people who have prolonged exposure to latex or frequently wear latex gloves. This allergy can cause itching, runny nose, wheezing and etc. (Mayo Clinic, 2019). However, if the condition got serious, it can be life-threatening (Mayo Clinic, 2019). So, with the ‘Gloves Ecoshield Econitrile PF250’, people with latex allergies can work safely and not having to be concerned about the condition.

Resistant to friction

Our green gloves are powder-free and resistant to friction which will definitely not give medical and healthcare professionals the fuss when putting on and removing the gloves because this pair of gloves will not stick to the hands like latex and vinyl gloves do (My Glove Depot, 2017). They also resist absorbing moisture from the hands because the nitrile material makes them impermeable. This is convenient for people who works in a wet environment.


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As comfortable as a fluffy pillow

Gloves Ecoshield Econitrile PF250 is very comfortable to wear because they react to our body temperature and conform to the shape of the hands after wearing them (Ammex, 2017). This means the gloves are more flexible than normal natural rubber latex gloves or vinyl gloves. They are waterproof as well. If needed, a pair of working gloves can be worn over the green gloves.

Long shelf-life

At last, due to the material of the gloves, it has longer shelf-life than latex or vinyl gloves (Ammex, 2017). They can also be worn more than once due to its tear resistance feature despite they are disposable. This could help laboratories, hospitals and other industries to significantly reduce the expenses in purchasing gloves and the cost of disposal (Next Day Science, 2017).

In conclusion, the versatility of the green gloves gave all these benefits of them. Hence, Solmeglas not only offers the most top-notch green nitrile gloves you need, but also nitrile gloves of other different colours like red, orange and white, and also latex gloves which all of them comes in various lengths and sizes. Our purpose is to accommodate to the safety of the individuals when working in food processing, medical, automotive, janitorial and industrial applications.



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