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ZetaView Spain Tour: Bringing the Best Nanoparticle Analyzer to The Whole of Spain

If you follow us on our Facebook , Twitter or even LinkedIn , you must have noticed ZetaView Spain Tour many times. So, what is exactly happening? and what is ZetaView?

ZetaView was invented by Particle Metrix , a company founded by German physicist and chemists with extensive experience in nanoparticles. In recent years, ZetaView has received outstanding reviews especially from researcher working with Exosomes. Solmeglas is the exclusive distributor of ZetaView in Spain and Portugal. Through the ZetaView Spain Tour, we travel to various cities to introduce ZetaView to Spanish scientific communities.

ZetaView Spain Tour: 5 Cities and 4,446 Km Travelled

So far, Solmeglas has visited five cities in total: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Santander, Bilbao and Mallorca. We kicked start our tour in the capital of Spain: Madrid. The folks at The University of Alcalá were lucky to receive our first demonstration of ZetaView!

Moving on to our next stop, we travel to the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia: Barcelona. Our team delivered workshops in various universities such as The Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) and Chemical Institute of Sarria (IQS) Barcelona.

ZetaView ICMAB tour

Presentation with our collaborator, Particle Metrix, in Barcelona

Next, we went all the way to Santander in Cantabria, Bilbao in Basque Country, and finally to the beautiful island of Mallorca. Overall, we had requests for demonstration from many private and public institutions such as: Universities, hospitals and both research & commercial laboratories.

ZetaView Santander

A glimpse of ZetaView Demonstration in Santander

Why ZetaView?


As we have explained before in our previous article, ZetaView has many advantages compared to normal NTA. For your convenience, here are the great features of ZetaView:

  1. Automation and passive stability.
  2. Established theory
  3. Fast results
  4. Wide range of measurement variable
  5. Particle count from the evaluation of the video frame.
  6. Excellent precision and accuracy.
  7. Flexibility: look at our pictures and notice how compact ZetaView is! It can be transported as carry-on luggage when you travel as well.

Interested in demonstration? No worries, because Our ZetaView Spain Tour has not ended yet ! We have many other cities planned after summer! Follow our social media or sign up to our newsletter for the latest news. If you need a workshop urgently, feel free to contact us and we will arrange something for you.

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